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OMG, I am moving to another country! (Orig. 7/20/2021)


Actually, I am moving back to my homeland, the UK, but I will still continue
my writing career from there. We are just moving closer to my family because
COVID made us realize what is really important in our lives, and that IS our

But, oh my good God, the logistics of this is mind-blowing because one
person in our party of 3 needs a visa. I won’t even go into what that entails,
but you know it is a lot of paperwork and more than a fistful of dollars.

I am editing a book right now in my preternaturally clean home that is up
for sale and, therefore, must look pristine should someone randomly want to
come and view it at any given time of day. I have to admit, the house being so
tidy makes me all kinds of happy because it just looks nice all the time, and
the hordes are not allowed to mess it up. How on earth can I get them to
maintain this once we are in our new home in England? I will find a way!

So, I’m just taking a few moments out of my day to blog a little about what
is going on in my life, and there should be an actual book blog shortly as I
will have a book on Booksprout for reviews next week.

I have nothing more to say as I sit here with a big grin on my face because
I’m moving home. It’s exciting to know I will be able to visit my family all
the time again (once we are allowed out of our amber country quarantine, that

Peace out, fellow writers and others reading this!

(Note: the 3rd person’s visa finally came through in December 2021!)

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